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Build Your Social Communities
Build Your Social Communities

Build Your Social Communities

Web referral and organic traffic are declining due to increased competition and algorithm changes making it harder for your website alone to be noticed by your customers. Building a “community” of followers that regularly look to your brand for new ideas and inspiring content is now a critical part of a healthy brand.
Build Your Social Communities

Social media can play a big part in your strategy. It allows businesses to broadcast messages to many, have one-to-one conversations, and highlight top customers. Paid ads or boosted posts and influencers on social media is a good way to target your message to specific customer segments and build a following that likes, comments and shares your content with their followers, scaling your brand message to new levels.

Taking a personalized approached is critical. Social audiences expect authentic messaging that reflects either the personality of the brand’s community manager or the persona of the brand. It’s about connecting and moving away from the faceless brand entity.

Three Ways to Grow Your Following

Build Long-Term Relationships

Engaging directly with your customers by commenting on, liking or sharing customer posts or encouraging user-generated content builds a long-term customer relationships. Seek to understand the type of content that is popular and results in engagement. Use content to spark discussion among the community members. Customers also like quick responses. If you’re responding days later, your customers’ expectations are likely hours later. Being engaged and staying actively engaged is the key.

Leverage Your Customers’ Content

Follower testimonials, product ratings and reviews, and shares of your value-added content can be leveraged in new posts or ads or used on your website to find like-minded customers. If you’ve noticed a top customer that is always enthusiastic, reward them through programs such as custom content that showcases their interaction with your product.

Use Influencers to Scale Your Message

Your customers are more likely to listen to influencers and category thought leaders on social media. Curating a list of influencers specific to your needs can help expand the reach of your brand message through their activations and endorsement.  

Not sure where to start? Work with a marketing agency to conduct a social audit and build a scalable social media plan that fits your needs.


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