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How To Market To Millennials
How To Market To Millennials

How To Market To Millennials

How To Market To Millennials

To understand how to reach Millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996), it’s important to know what has shaped this generation. They’re old enough to remember 9/11, many could vote in the 2008 election, they’ve watched political polarization increase, most of them entered the workforce at the height of an economic recession, and they were growing up as the internet was taking off.

The way Millennials interact with advertising content is different from previous generations; unlike Baby Boomers, who came of age when television was gaining popularity, they don’t trust traditional ways of advertising. They’re savvy with technology and socially conscious. This generation is also more likely to do research before making a purchase and less likely to be exclusively loyal to one brand.

Use the right techniques and you’ll engage these voracious online content consumers.

Be Authentic 

If something feels too stiff, formulaic or ingenuine, you’re likely to lose a Millennial audience. According to Social Media Today, 90 percent of Millennials say brand authenticity is important. 

They like to hear real stories from real people. Millennials will share their experience with a product or service with their social media followers, and they’ll pay attention to what their friends say.

They’re more likely to trust product reviews from friends or even online strangers—if it’s relatable—than scripted messaging.

Choose the Right Platform

If you want to connect with an audience, you have to know where to find them. Not every generation uses social platforms in the same way. 

Rather than select one, Millennials often switch between social platforms and engage with them for different reasons: Facebook to connect with friends and family, LinkedIn to connect with professional peers and find business opportunities, Pinterest for inspiration and trends, and Twitter for news. 

Consider the message your brand is trying to send, or how you want to engage with this group, and tailor that to the right social platform.

Show Your Values 

This generation places an importance on social responsibility and the environment. The success of a business or a brand, to them, isn’t based on profit alone. Forbes reports that 75 percent of Millennials believe it’s fairly or very important for a brand to give back to society rather than just make a profit.

Content is a good way to show this cohort that your brand cares about a cause they care about. Popular causes for this group include sustainability, animal rights, LGBT rights, inclusiveness, anti-racism and environmental protection. A partnership with a nonprofit in one of these spaces, showcased on social media, is likely to pique their interest. 

Use Video

It’s impossible to ignore the potential of video today, especially when trying to reach Millennials. This generation regularly consumes and creates video content. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram and Facebook can all be used as platforms to tell your story with video. 

In order to attract viewers, make it attention-grabbing in the first few seconds, use appropriate hashtags, and give the video a title and description that explains what people can expect.

Crowd-sourced videos are also a great way to get users to engage and connect. Plus, you’ll be able to showcase authentic content that comes from people who already have a relationship with your brand.