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Nimble Thinkers is a full-service marketing solutions provider for the building, construction and home furnishings industries. See how our 360° sales and marketing solutions are built to help you drive marketing ROI and growth in your highly competitive market.

Target Your Audience

Do you know which competitor your ideal customer is already buying from? Our exclusive access to in-market buyer data can help develop & segment your audiences. Plan and optimize campaigns based on your customer's industry vertical, business model, project/build category, buying behavior, and by their preferred vendors to help you displace the competition.

Custom Omnichannel Strategies

Through our partnership-focused team structure, we collaborate closely with your team & agencies to design personalized omnichannel marketing programs. These collaborations result in creating brand recognition, launching products, capturing leads/generating demand, providing a multi-dimensional approach to nurturing leads, and reinvigorating the sales pipeline.

Robust Creation Capabilities

Partner with a content team that knows your industry and can easily integrate with your brand. From brand building & creative design to industry research/whitepapers, informative market surveys, educational videos, podcasts, and webinar productions, we develop, repurpose or revive your critical marketing assets.

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Reach, Adapt & Optimize

Your customer relationships & loyalty are the ultimate KPIs. The Nimble team helps clients develop or refine their brand message & marketing strategies to increase their visibility and build meaningful relationships with industry customers.

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Buyer Persona Blueprints

Build a more detailed understanding of your target audience, allowing you to create personalized experiences that resonate with your ideal customers to increase brand awareness and influence purchase decisions.

Go To Market Planning

Leveraging competitor insights and industry intelligence to identify the best channels and tactics for reaching your ideal customers. Optimize your marketing budget by focusing on tactics that motivate in-market industry buyers.

Mapping The Journey

Reduce friction points & identify opportunities. Our journey mapping solutions provide insights into your customer's decision-making process, allowing brands to optimize their marketing strategies in stages for increased purchasing influence & conversions.

Attract, Influence & Close

We are your end-to-end growth partner for your marketing & sales teams, extended sales partners, resellers & distributors. Nimble reveals which tactics drive results through in-depth audits, data analysis, or hands-on campaign management. As a result, make informed decisions about where to focus your efforts, from lead generation to nurturing and pipeline expansion.

Campaign Execution Management

Marketing campaign management from Nimble ensures you get the most out of your marketing budget. From topic research to creative ad design, we provide knowledge and experience to identify which channels are best for reaching your target audience and enhancing your brand messaging to drive results.

Nurture & Develop Opportunities

Transform your CRM from an endless list of tasks to qualified predictive leads that empower your sales team, distributors & retail partners with more winnable opportunities. We leverage your buyer personas, journey maps, and competitor insight to execute multitouch nurturing programs to keep your pipeline performing.

Informed & Loyal Advocates

Lead nurturing provides opportunities to educate potential customers throughout their journey, resulting in a positive customer experience. When industry buyers see the value your products will add to their projects, you preserve or improve margins while building lasting relationships with your customers.

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Are you looking for a marketing partner to help you reach, adapt, and optimize your B2B building & construction industry marketing effort? Nimble Thinkers can help.

Our team of experts will work with you to develop a customized strategy that meets the needs of your business and helps you achieve success. You can book a meeting with the Nimble Thinker team to learn how we can help you reach your goals.