Brand Strategy & Development
See how Nimble helps you engage with your customers and increase awareness and loyalty through our comprehensive branding & multimedia content creation.

360° Marketing Strategy & Process Development

Part of our Nimble 360° industry solutions, our holistic marketing services can increase your product awareness and brand loyalty, leading to more conversions. We can take on any role you need us to fill, while our strategic planning stays aligned with your overall business goals.

Brand Strategy & Growth Support

Whether you’re a construction builder or home remodeler, our comprehensive growth support plans aim to differentiate your brand and give it a competitive edge. We understand your vision, assess your brand growth, and take action to build lasting impressions of you among your customers.

Competitor & Industry Data Solutions

Win real customers and drive ROI with our first-party data insights on your competition and industry. We identify the true metrics that make all the difference, helping you enhance your performance and stand out.

Persona & Buyer Journey Mapping Support

We analyze your database, create user personas, and derive product-led insights that help you get closer to knowing your customers and their goals better.

Go-To-Market Strategy Support

Whether you’re looking to launch a new product or diversify into a new market, we help you design a step-by-step execution plan. Right from defining your goals to executing and tracking the action plan, we have your back.

Campaign Execution & Management

Campaign management is critical, which is why we can be flexible and offer help however needed. We’ll be your extended marketing team that executes campaigns, or work with your in-house team or agency to track and report on existing strategies.

Content & Video Production Support

With us ideating, planning, and executing engaging content pieces and videos, you can save up on resources while connecting with your audience to grow your brand.

Brand Asset Creation & Design Services

Our decades of industry experience is what makes our content and creative services unique and impactful. Leveraging this know-how, we develop content that’s engaging and resonates with your audience.

  • Case Studies
  • Industry Research Articles
  • White Papers
  • Company/Product Announcements
  • Press Releases & Media Coverage
  • Product Listing Copy & Brochures
  • Event & Trade Show Assets

Strategic Storytelling & Studio Production Services

Engage your audiences with compelling content through product demos, podcasts, webinars, and more. We can also create content for multiple platforms by shooting a single video, helping you remain cost-effective with your budgets.

Production Management

From ideating and coordinating to monitoring and administering, we can oversee the entire production process.

Strategy & Research

We’ll thoroughly understand your audience, helping you create relatable and compelling content.

Topic Research & Planning

Stay top-of-mind and build a loyal customer base with our topic research and planning.


From planning to organizing, we create webinars that boost engagement rates and reach wider audiences.

Podcast Management

We ensure end-to-end management, including taking expert opinions, planning schedules, conducting dry runs, and more.

Video Marketing Strategy/Planning
We craft video marketing strategies that grab your audience’s attention and highlight your products.
Product Demos

We help you organize product demos that accurately promote your product/service features to your customers.

Educational Video Series

We build video series backed by analytics to educate and enlighten your audience.

Short-Form Videos (Social & Ads)

Make the most of your audience’s attention span with our concise yet effective video ads.

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Brand Awareness & Exposure (Traditional Marketing)

Apart from using digitally proficient methods, we also use historically-proven marketing techniques to create a comprehensive brand experience that fits your growth plan.

Print Advertising

Reach your customers on a broader scale with the help of print media ads crafted and issued across publications.

Trade Show & Event Promotion

We help you plan, organize, and promote trade shows and events to demonstrate your products and grow your network with fellow businesses.

Demonstration Home Projects

We help you organize demonstrations of home projects where customers can walk in and get a clear idea of how the product looks and functions upon installation.

1:1 Industry Buyer Connection Events

Connect one-on-one with industry buyers to have effective discussions and expand your network at our connection events.