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We’re Nimble Thinkers, an independent marketing agency with the resources of a leading content publisher. We’re your flexible, clever partner focused on helping to elevate your brand.

The world is demanding — always changing. To stand out you have to do things differently. Our team of marketing specialists are always watching the trends and solving tough challenges for leading brands who want to win.


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To prepare for whatever “next” might look like, B2B content marketers will see greater investments in two top areas, according to the CMI report: content creation (70%) and website enhancements (66%). But what exactly will that entail? Here’s where B2B marketing will take content and websites in 2021:

As brand leaders, you would be smart to invest the time and energy to assess where your marketing plan was pre-COVID, where it is now, and what your future goals are to ensure your company thrives in the new year. 

Some of the biggest challenges for email marketing are boosting engagement, increasing conversions, and generating leads. In order to improve these metrics, and have a successful email marketing strategy, you need to collect and analyze data.

The way Millennials interact with advertising content is different from previous generations; unlike Baby Boomers, who came of age when television was gaining popularity, they don’t trust traditional ways of advertising. They’re savvy with technology and socially conscious.