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Strategic Use Of Color Psychology To Increase Conversions

Can you think of a brand that uses red and white in its logo? At least 3 brands must have come to mind even before you finished reading this sentence. Color is one of the first things we notice and it evokes various emotions in us even before we realize it. The subfield of behavioral […]

How to Boost Your Revenue with B2B Lead Nurturing Strategies

Having many leads might not necessarily give you a high number of conversions. One way to tackle this challenge is using lead nurturing. By practicing this approach, you can develop a relationship with prospective customers and prevent leads from dropping out. But how does the lead nurturing process work? Through this B2B marketing strategy, actionable […]

How Your Sales Partner Channels Can Utilize Content Localization

You can have a great product or a service, but to ensure it gets the sales it deserves, you need a dependable sales partner channel. The relationship between businesses and their sales partner channels is co-dependent and mutually beneficial. Businesses should do everything in their power to make it easier for their sales partner channels […]

Unlock the Power of Interactive Emails to Increase Your ROI

You walk into a door manufacturer’s office and their salesperson approaches you. He goes on and on about their best doors, top-selling models, and latest offerings. Then he finally stops, but you’ve already forgotten about the particular door that had piqued your interest. Wouldn’t you have liked to give more input in this interaction? This […]

The Benefits of Educational Marketing: Providing Value to Your Audience

People usually don’t like being sold anything. A little extra push from marketers can cause some people to think the product is not as good as advertised. With educational marketing, there’s no such risk. It functions by providing valuable content to the target audience without focusing on selling. Interestingly, there’s also something called education marketing […]

Engage and Convert: Tips for Readable Content

Content was, is, and will always be a crucial part of every marketing strategy. From emailing your customers about a new product to tweeting your offers and everything in between requires engaging content. If you want to see those conversion rates rise, your content needs to stand out and make a difference. In this article, […]

Tap into the Power of SMS Marketing

A marketer’s toolkit is filled with various mediums of communication and while SMS is one of them, it doesn’t get used to its fullest potential as it’s often sidetracked by online advertising. SMS marketing is fast, works without the Internet, and offers incredible reach. From creating awareness about your product to thanking customers for making […]

How to Prevent Marketing Team Burnout

Have you noticed a drop in your performance at work? Do you feel like calling in sick a lot? These are just a few of the questions to ask to know if you are burnt out. Sometimes chasing deadlines at work blurs everything else in our lives. This same chase unknowingly leads a lot of […]